Zielstadion Planai

Skiterminal Planai

An oversized “Loop“ (based on the model of a folded piece of paper) coats the whole building and is carried by 74 diagonal columns. Each and every single column can carry 230 tons.
Inside the “Loop”, three connected complexes of buildings are situated. In the Southern most part (close to the finishing passage), the new headquarters of the Planai can be found; it hosts all enterprises and subsidiary companies of the Planai-Bahnen (360 employees). In the central building, offices for important partners such as Wintersportverein Schladming, Austrian Ski Federation or FIS are available. The Northern complex with 1,000 m2 of glass facade is accessible for guests.
Upcoming major sport events had already been taken into consideration. A glass World Championships Studio for TV broadcasts was established, and its quality can easily stand international comparisons or even top international models

The concept of the “One-Stop-Shop” is new. At this central place, the holiday guests can find EVERYTHING they need for a comfortable and relaxing vacation.

At the One-Stop-Shop, the guests can get it all done: booking a room, renting skies, buying tickets, booking rafting and hiking guides in summers or going shopping in a sports store with a high-level ski depot. And even the sanitary facilities set new standards; they are more than spick and span.


Project Name:

Zielstadion Planai


Schladming, Austria


Planai Hochwurzen GmbH, Schladming




Gernot Ritter, Veronika Hofrichter-Ritter, Wolfgang Reicht, Martin Ritter, Michael Stadler, Franz Stiegler-Hameter, Michael Maier, Azra Fejzic

Structural Engineering:

Peter Mandl and Partners ZT GmbH

building physics:

TB-LPS, Kindberg

electric planning:

TB-Pürcher, Schladming


Paul Ott